TheVirtual Highland Cattle Show 2023

Entries for the 2023 Virtual show are now open.

Closing date 1st of October 2023


Advertising of folds available on select pages. Any societies who wish to present

Ribbons or cards to those winners and place getters from the countries in recognition please consider.


 Grand Champion Cow & Supreme

Senior Cow Champion

No. 12082023
 Name: SHZ Yori vom Schneiderlehen
 Sire: HCE Sunset Jewel
 Dam: Yolanda vom Schneiderlehen
 DOB: 15.3.2021
 Fold Name: Schneiderlehen
 Owner: Schneiderlehen KG
 Country: Austria

Grand Champion Bull

Senior Bull Champion

 Name: Dawson Arrow of MacAnLeister (AI)
 Sire: Gusgurlach of Windrush (IMP CAN)
 Dam: Orla Isobail of Glenstrae
 DOB: 10.12.2020
 Fold Name: MacAnLeister
 Owner:Melissa Kramer
 Country: South Australia, Australia.


Grand Champion Cow

Senior Cow Champion

No. 12082023
 Name: SHZ Yori vom Schneiderlehen
 Sire: HCE Sunset Jewel
 Dam: Yolanda vom Schneiderlehen
 DOB: 15.3.2021
 Fold Name: Schneiderlehen
 Owner: Schneiderlehen KG
 Country: Austria

Junior Champion Bull

No. 2032023
 Name: Lord Ruadh vom Frankenthal
 Sire: Luis von Heise
 Dam: Patchouly Dhubh vom Augustenhof
 Fold Name: Frankenthal
 Owner: Niklas Kappenstein
 Country: Germany

Junior Heifer Champion

No. 9032023
 Name: Melony 3. vom Diebeskamm
 Sire: Outside vom Eiserbachtal
 Dam: Melony of Achterneed
 DOB: 26.12.2022
 Fold Name: vom Diebeskamm
 Owner: Antje und Falk Pommer
 Country: Germany

 2023 Virtual Highland Show
Judge's Report
By Tom McConnell

First of all, I can't say thank you enough to Trevor Perry for asking me to judge this virtual show, it was both an honor to be asked and a pleasure to evaluate these cattle. This was certainly a task I didn't take lightly and I wasn't ready for it to be as tough as it was. I will say it is a tough task to evaluate cattle from a picture where you don't get a 360-degree view, don't see them on the move and rarely get to see their feet from a picture. But regardless of that, there were some quality cattle to sort through.

Class 1. A nice class of prospect bull calves, especially the top half of this class which was very competitive. I don't just look at what the calf is showing me now but what I feel it's going to show me in the future as it continues to mature from how it has grown to date. Bull 113 & 115 struck me as 2 calves that will give me the muscle, length and depth I want to see in a herd sire. Bull 120 & 121 came in very close behind.

Class 2. Bull 203 narrowly wins this class against bull 207 and bull 201 making these top 3 in this class very competitive. All 3 are showing exceptional maturity and muscle, with great toplines length and depth through their mid sections. 203 and 207 getting a slight advantage in their bone density over 201. Bull 202 caught my attention and just couldn't keep from looking back at him. Smaller in structure and length than the 3 above him, he still brings a lot to the table that is pleasing to the eye. A little shorter necked than I like but his head shape and bone makeup for it in my opinion. If he passes his hair on to his progeny, he's definitely a bull worth having as a herd sire.

Class 3. Bull 306 tops this class, long, deep and heavily muscled. Bull 301 comes in second, evenly muscled but would like to see a bit more growth and muscle on him. Bulls 308 & 304 round out my top 4 in this class. Both show good potential and are more evenly matched but didn't have growth to compete with the top two.

Class 4. This class of bulls really stood out and grabs your attention. Especially bull 403 and 402 who win this class, these two impressive bulls have it all and easily win the class and show. Bull 408 and 409 come in a close third and fourth. All four of these bulls would improve a fold.

Class 5. As we get to more older bulls this smaller class of bulls are all real competitive with one another making it tough to call, it really could go any way and still be right. Bull 501 wins the class for me showing a powerful front end and has real nice bone density. He seems short in the picture but I think it's due to the angle. Bull 504 is a real nice bull, I easily could've made him my class champion and still been right, he's nice and evenly muscled with being a tall long bull that'll be able to cover ground while doing his job. 506 & 505 round out the top four, different looking bulls but both have nice muscling over a longer frame.

Class 6. Bulls 606,603,601, a nice trio of black bulls start this class out. All 3 showing me the length and depth I like to see in a mature bull. 606 just seems to put it all together in a smoother package for me. Bull 604 is one that definitely compliments this class as he rounds out the top four. He's a long bull with a beautiful top line with that long hair the breed is known for, I really wanted to place him higher but he just didn't seem as deep in his belly as the three bulls ahead of him.

Class 7. Bull 711 is a beautiful brindle bull with a powerful front end and large neck, he's a deep and smooth bull. In second comes bull 705, a nice stylish black bull with a great head and neck and very nice topline. 772 is a dun bull in third place, a heavy head and neck that blends nicely into his shoulder and topline. 782 rounds out the top four in this class. He's definitely an attention getter with a powerful front end and deep as well. He's another bull that is in breed character with a beautiful heavy hair coat.

Class 8. A pair of veteran bulls in this class, neither of which seem to let their age get the best of them. It really came down to just how their testicle shape appears in the photo. Both seem to be carrying nice condition and muscle for veteran bulls of any breed.

Entry 203 will stand as my Junior Bull Champion and entry 207 as my Junior Bull Reserve Champion. Entry 403 is my Senior Bull Champion and entry 402 is my Senior Bull Reserve Champion. Entry 403 is the Grand Champion Bull with entry 402 as Reserve Grand Champion Bull.

Class 9. A great opening class of heifer calves here. I started this class out with heifer 903 who caught my attention right away. She's showing some exceptional growth with a nice frame to support that growth. A stunning head and neck along with a nice level topline makes her hard to beat for me. Second in this class is 905, a feminine stylish heifer that definitely has a future in the show ring. Heifer 918 makes my third spot in this class strictly on her even muscling and overall conformation. A bit heavier muscled than my other top four pics but she still has a feminine look about her. Heifer 917 rounds out my top four in this class but easily could be bumped up a placing or two. She's another very stylish feminine looking heifer that will do great in the show ring as she matures.

Class 10. Heifer 1012 starts this tough class out. Smooth and deep with a gorgeous feminine head that blends right into her shoulder and topline. 1004 in second place is pretty similar to the heifer above her and the two below her. Heifers 1010 & 1006 round out the top four here but all four of these heifers could be flipped around as they all show similar structure, conformation and condition. They're definitely four heifers I'd like to see in person.

Class 11. Heifer 1105 leads off this class, a nice feminine heifer that blends smoothly from her neck into her shoulders all the way to her hind quarter. A super flat level topline. Heifer 1101 is one that easily competes for the top spot. A bit heavier framed than the first place heiferbut bigger doesn't always win the day. She's another heifer that just blends smoothly from nose to tailwith a super strong feminine look to her. 1108 in third place is a heifer that certainly brings a different look to the class, it's a look that's very eye appealing. She has a beautiful head and nice long level topline. 1102 finishes the top four in this class of great heifers, strong shoulder but maybe a bit high flanked. She'll definitely turn into a nice brood cow.

Class 12. This class starts out with a great heifer that I went back to often just to look at her. Heifer 1208 is a super straight and properly proportioned female with a beautiful neck and chest, deep and big barreled with a nice topline. The next two heifers, 1201 & 1202 come in second and third. The edge going to 1201 who appears more level with a strong neck and shoulder but would like to see a little more belly under her. Heifer 1210 rounds out the top four in this class, she has nice rib and belly that blends easily into her hind quarter.

Class 13. Like the previous class this class is lead by a great looking heifer, entry 1302 is wide, long and level. She's standing at such an angle to show off her wide chest and strong legs. She blends nicelythrough her shoulders into her rib and onto her hind quarter. Heifer 1308 comes in second, she's a nice complete heifer, level and long. Heifer 1305 in third place is a more compact level heifer than others but really caught my eye as a well put together female. Heifer 1304 completes the top four in this class, a bit taller than the more compact heifer ahead of her but has real nice structure to her.

Class 14. This class is lead off by heifer 1407, a shorter structured female who appears to be carrying some extra condition but has the frame to do so. She's the type of cow who can raise a healthy calf and not loose that condition. Heifer 1411 comes in a close second here. She's a heavier looking well conditioned female much like the heifer before her that gives us a quite majestic pose that we like to see in this breed. She has a nice build to her giving her a strong level look. Heifer 1416 in third place gives us that traditional Highland look, nice and smooth from her neck through that front shoulder with a level topline. She has a simple look to herthat is quite appealing for a good brood cow. Heifer 1414 finishes off the top four in this class. Beautiful head and brisket, a nice long and level cow.

Class 15. With 28 entries in this class, it was by far the hardest to place. First place is 1521, She comes across as well conditioned for the job she's doing. A nice heavier frame that allows her to stay well conditioned while she raises her calf, long, level and well-muscled. Entry 1509 isn't quite as large framed as the class winner but she carries herself well, smooth across her frame and a nice level topline. In Third place is 1520, a nice chest and smooth topline topped off with a strong shoulder. Finishing off the top four in this class is 1516, a nice broody looking female who is smooth from the front to her hindquarter with a nice deep barrel.

Entry 903 is my Junior Heifer Champion and entry 1012 is the Junior Heifer Reserve Champion. Entry 1208 is the Senior Heifer Champion and entry 1302 will be the Senior Heifer Reserve Champion. Entry 1208 will claim Grand Champion Female with entry 1302 as the Reserve Grand Champion Female.

The toughest call for this show is deciding a Supreme Champion between my champion bull & champion female. My first impulse is to award the Grand Champion Female, entry 1208, as the Supreme Champion. This is definitely a go with your first impulse kind of decision being I went back and forth between these two grand champions trying to decide. Entry 1208, the Grand Champion female will reign as the Supreme Champion in the 2023 Virtual Highland Show.


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Tom is from Southwest Minnesota where he runs a small herd of AHCA registered Highlands and a few crosses on the homesite of a family farm. Prior to that he spent 10 years in Eastern CO, most of that time working for a cattle feeder and running a few commercial cows on a friend’s ranch. Along with his two daughters he now owns Pell Creek Cattle Co. Starting with unregistered Highlands in 1999 for home raised beef he then made the switch to registered in 2010 when his girls wanted to get involved in showing.

Even though his daughters are adults now Tom is still active in the county 4H Beef Project helping work the county fair beef show every year. He is currently serving on the American Highland Cattle Association’s board of directors and is the association’s current secretary on the executive committee.



 Maximum number of entries per Fold for is 10 no exceptions. There will be no substitues allowed or request for a different photo or animal. In the past I have allowed it but it is very time consuming and frustrating on my part.


Before you Enter.....Please no requests to change photos or entries once they have been posted on to the pages. Again no exceptions. Any animals entered in the wrong class will incur a $10 fee to change to correct class or be removed from entry.All Entries except classes 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 must be registered with the Offical Highland Cattle Society in there Country of origin, and owned by the breeder enteringPlease note class dates have been changed and classes amended. Please also ask your societies for support of the show by providing a Ribbon from your society for any winners or place getters.The closing date for the 2023 show is on the 1st of October 2023. Please do not leave your entries to the last couple of days, before closing date. Please also note once an animal is entered, a change of photo or animal entered will not be allowed....Judging will commence one all entries have been completed.

  Die maximale Anzahl an Einträgen pro Fold beträgt 10, ohne Ausnahmen. Es wird kein Ersatz zugelassen oder ein anderes Foto oder Tier angefordert. In der Vergangenheit habe ich es erlaubt, aber es ist sehr zeitaufwändig und frustrierend für mich.
Bevor Sie eintreten.....
Bitte keine Anfragen, Fotos oder Einträge zu ändern, nachdem sie auf den Seiten veröffentlicht wurden. Wieder keine Ausnahmen. Für alle Tiere, die in der falschen Klasse angemeldet sind, wird eine Gebühr von 10 $ erhoben, um in die richtige Klasse zu wechseln oder von der Teilnahme ausgeschlossen zu werden.
Alle Einsendungen mit Ausnahme der Klassen 18, 19, 20, 21 und 22 müssen bei der Offical Highland Cattle Society im Ursprungsland registriert und Eigentum des teilnehmenden Züchters sein
Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Kursdaten geändert und die Klassen geändert wurden. Bitten Sie auch Ihre Gesellschaften um Unterstützung der Show, indem Sie allen Gewinnern oder Platzierten eine Schleife Ihrer Gesellschaft zur Verfügung stellen.
Der Einsendeschluss für die Show 2023 ist der 1. Oktober 2023. Bitte verzögern Sie Ihre Anmeldungen nicht in den letzten Tagen vor dem Einsendeschluss. Bitte beachten Sie auch, dass nach der Eingabe eines Tieres eine Änderung des Fotos oder des eingegebenen Tieres nicht mehr zulässig ist....
Die Bewertung beginnt, sobald alle Einsendungen abgeschlossen sind. Übersetzt von Google
 Le nombre maximum d'entrées par pli pour est de 10 sans exception. Il n'y aura pas de substitutions autorisées ou de demande d'une photo ou d'un animal différent. Dans le passé, je l'ai autorisé, mais cela prend beaucoup de temps et est frustrant de ma part.
Avant d'entrer.....
Veuillez ne pas demander de modifier les photos ou les entrées une fois qu'elles ont été publiées sur les pages. Encore une fois aucune exception. Tout animal inscrit dans la mauvaise classe encourra des frais de 10 $ pour passer à la bonne classe ou être retiré de l'entrée.
Toutes les inscriptions, à l'exception des classes 18, 19, 20, 21 et 22, doivent être enregistrées auprès de l'Offical Highland Cattle Society dans leur pays d'origine et appartenir à l'éleveur participant.
Veuillez noter que les dates des cours ont été modifiées et les cours modifiés. Veuillez également demander à vos sociétés de soutenir le spectacle en fournissant un ruban de votre société pour tous les gagnants ou les acquéreurs de place.
La date de clôture du salon 2023 est le 1 octobre 2023. Veuillez ne pas laisser vos inscriptions dans les derniers jours, avant la date de clôture. Veuillez également noter qu'une fois qu'un animal est inscrit, un changement de photo ou d'animal inscrit ne sera pas autorisé....
Le jugement commencera une fois que toutes les inscriptions auront été complétées. Traduit par google
 Enimmäismäärä taittoa kohti on 10, ei poikkeuksia. Toista valokuvaa tai eläintä ei sallita tai pyytää toista kuvaa. Aiemmin olen sallinut sen, mutta se on minulta hyvin aikaa vievää ja turhauttavaa.
Ennen kuin astut sisään.....
Älä pyydä muutoksia kuviin tai merkintöihin sen jälkeen, kun ne on lähetetty sivuille. Jälleen ei poikkeuksia. Väärään luokkaan syötetyistä eläimistä veloitetaan 10 dollarin maksu vaihtamisesta oikeaan luokkaan tai ne poistetaan osallistumisesta.
Kaikki ilmoittautumiset paitsi luokkien 18, 19, 20, 21 ja 22 tulee olla rekisteröityjä Offical Highland Cattle Societyyn kyseisessä alkuperämaassa ja kuulua osallistuvan kasvattajan omaisuuteen.
Huomioithan, että kurssipäivät ovat muuttuneet ja tunnit muuttuneet. Pyydä myös yhdistyksiltäsi tukea esitykselle toimittamalla seurasi nauha voittajille tai paikan saajille.
Vuoden 2023 näyttelyn viimeinen päivämäärä on 1. lokakuuta 2023. Älä jätä ilmoittautumisia viimeisille parille päivälle ennen sulkemispäivää. Huomaa myös, että kun eläin on ilmoitettu, valokuvaa tai syötettyä eläintä ei sallita....
Arviointi alkaa, kun kaikki työt on suoritettu. Googlen kääntämä
 Maksimalt antal poster pr. fold for er 10 ingen undtagelser. Der vil ikke være nogen erstatninger tilladt eller anmodning om et andet billede eller dyr. Tidligere har jeg tilladt det, men det er meget tidskrævende og frustrerende fra min side.
Før du går ind.....
Venligst ingen anmodninger om at ændre billeder eller indlæg, når de først er blevet lagt ud på siderne. Igen ingen undtagelser. Eventuelle dyr, der er indtastet i den forkerte klasse, vil pålægges et gebyr på $10 for at skifte til korrekt klasse eller blive fjernet fra adgang.
Alle bidrag undtagen klasserne 18, 19, 20, 21 og 22 skal være registreret hos det officielle Highland Cattle Society i oprindelseslandet og ejes af den opdrætter, der deltager
Bemærk venligst at undervisningsdatoer er blevet ændret og klasser ændret. Spørg også jeres foreninger om støtte til showet ved at give et bånd fra jeres forening til eventuelle vindere eller pladsvindere.
Slutdatoen for 2023-showet er den 1. oktober 2023. Undlad venligst at overlade dine tilmeldinger til de sidste par dage, før lukkedatoen. Bemærk også, at når et dyr er indtastet, vil ændring af billede eller dyr ikke være tilladt....
Bedømmelsen vil begynde, når alle tilmeldinger er gennemført. Oversat af Google





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